Reasons To Use Chimney Caps

If you have a chimney then you should look into chimney caps or pots. A chimney cap is made of stainless steel or copper and covers the flue of the chimney, preventing anything from the outside world, including rain, leaves, and animals, from getting down the chimney and into your home. It's a small adjustment that many homeowners may overlook. In some places, a chimney cap is necessary in order for your home to pass inspection. There are reasons for this and even if that's not the case in your area, having a chimney cap on your chimney still has long-term benefits. It's an easy and inexpensive job that you may be able to do yourself. Here are two reasons to take the time to buy and install a chimney cap.

Reason 1: Protects Your Home from Damage

As already mentioned, chimney caps cover the top of your chimney, keeping unwanted elements from entering your home. Aside from not having to deal with pesky rodents or leaves and rainwater coming into your house, a chimney cap also preserves the inside of the chimney itself. Water, especially, damages the inside of the chimney. If you have a liner, then it will harm the liner, or if you don't have one, then it can simply damage the actual structure. Though the harmful affect of moisture may take years to become evident, eventually you will have to replace the chimney liner or repair the chimney itself. Both prospects are expensive and time consuming. For around $125 you can keep rain and other elements out of your home.

Reason 2: Prevents Fire

Preventing fire is actually related to keeping unwanted elements, in this case rodents and birds, from nesting in the chimney. Unfortunately, you may not notice that these animals have nested in the chimney until it gets colder out and you're ready to use your fireplace. If this happens, you can end up with a huge fire hazard on your hands. The nests may block the chimney, which can lead to a fire. Chimney caps will prevent this fire hazard and keep animals from dying because of the heat as well. A good chimney cap, one with a mesh screen for example or one that creates draw, will also prevent sparks from landing on your roof, thus preventing a possible fire.

So what type of chimney caps should you look for? Chimney pots are made out of copper and stainless steel and can be plain or decorative, and many include the mesh screens just mentioned. Some recommend stainless steel just because it can easily last the lifespan of the house. Stainless steel can also be painted for a more harmonious look with your home. Companies like whitecap sell standard chimney pots but also design custom caps for irregular chimneys or for extra chimney coverage.

So for a minimal amount of money, you can protect your home from erosion and expensive repairs or renovations, keep out unwanted visitors and inhabitants, and prevent a house fire. Chimney caps are certainly worth the investment.